Vacuum lifters ensure efficient operations

04 December 2017

Vacuum lifters contribute to efficient and safe handling of goods in all types of industries. Whenever manual handling of goods is needed, a vacuum lifter can minimize the physical strain and increase efficiency. Vacuum lifters are easy to use and make lifting so easy that anyone can do it. When anyone can handle the heavy lifting, the workforce becomes more flexible unnecessary downtime is avoided.

vacuum box lifter

Flexible vacuum lifters

TAWI vacuum lifters handle all types of goods, including boxes, bags, drums, sheets and more. Our most flexible model, TAWI VacuEasylift, can handle goods up to 270 kg. It can lift boxes of all sizes, regardless if they are sealed or open. Paper sacks, plastic bags, or even jute sacks are lifted with ease. Drums and other containers are lifted one at the time, or several at the same time. TAWI VacuEasylift is a truly flexible tool that can lift pretty much anything. The load can be picked up from the top or from the side. You can rotate or even tilt the load to place it exactly where you need it.
Lifting open boxes

Efficient high speed lifting

TAWI VacuCobra is an optimal tool for high speed lifting. Pick up boxes or other loads easily with just one hand and put them down where you need them just as easily. This small and speedy vacuum lifter handles goods up to 50 kg. The single-handed control makes lifting easy and efficient.

TAWI VacuCobra

Lifting with specific requirements

All TAWI vacuum lifters are available in stainless steel, ideal for sensitive environments in e.g. food or chemical industry. Other specific requirements such as ATEX can be accommodated. A wide selection of suction feet allows you to adapt the vacuum lifter to your specific needs. Regardless if you need to lift big boxes, ungainly bags, heavy drums or fragile glass sheets, TAWI vacuum lifters is the solution you need. Contact us today to learn more.

Efficient lifting systems

Overhead crane systems and jib arms

TAWI also supplies the crane system you need to install your vacuum lifters. We manufacture and sell a wide selection of overhead crane systems and jib cranes. Learn more about our crane systems.

Roll handling equipment for efficient operations

20 November 2017

With efficient roll handling equipment, film rolls are easily mounted in the packing machine. TAWI offers several innovative solutions for efficient roll handling.

Efficient roll handling

Electric lifting trolleys for efficient roll handling

Our series of electric lifting trolleys can be combined with various tools for efficient roll handling. A Coregripper tool picks up the roll from a vertical position and turns it to horizontal position so that you can easily mount it on a machine axis. The roller boom seen in these photos also offer easy and ergonomic roll handling. Combined with the innovative QuickLoad feature, the lifter will automatically stop at exactly the right position, allowing the user to easily push the roll over on the machine axis. That's what we call smart lifting.

Efficient roll handling equipment

Roll handling with special restrictions

Ensure efficient roll handling in sensitive environments with our stainless steel lifters. All TAWI electric lifters are available in stainless steel, ideal for food- and pharma industry. 
All our lifters and tools can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to learn more about our customized solutions.

TAWI electric lifting trolleys can be used to handle much more than rolls. We offer tools for efficient handling of drums, crates and more. Learn more about the lifters here.

Roll handling

Ergonomic lifting equipment

The lifting trolleys are equipped with ergonomic handles ensuring a good working position. The tools are designed to support safe and ergonomic work, and to streamline the manual handling of goods. TAWI also offers vacuum lifters, hoists, and other ergonomic solutions for efficient and safe handling of goods. Read more about all our lifting equipment here

Vacuum lifter for efficient drum handling

16 November 2017

TAWI vacuum lifter lets you handle barrels, drums and other heavy loads with minimal effort. Efficient lifting solutions makes lifting easy, for anyone. By giving everyone the power to handle heavy loads, you increase flexibility and productivity in your business. Our vacuum lifters makes lifting safe, easy and efficient.
Drum lifter

Efficient drum handling

This vacuum lifter handles loads up to 270 kg and is easy to use, letting you lift and move barrels and drums safely with minimal effort. The vacuum lifter is a reliable tool for handling all types of goods. TAWI offers vacuum lifters for lifting boxes, bags, rolls, sheets and much more. Read more about our lifting solutions here.

Efficient drum handling

Lifting solutions

TAWI offers lifting solutions for various industries. We make lifting easy in chemical industry, in mechanical manufacturing industries and in food production, just to mention a few. Our wide selection of lifting solutions that can be customized to meet your needs make lifting safe, efficient and easy. Contact us to learn more about our lifting solutions.

Fast and flexible hoist lift

30 October 2017

High speed and precision makes the ViperHoist your best choice for efficient and safe lifting.
Equipped with a quick coupling, the hoist can be used with a wide selection of tools, which allows you to easily lift any types of goods from above or from the side, and to turn and tilt the load.

Read more, or contact us to learn more about efficient lifting solutions.

Electric drum lifter

01 September 2017

Here's a great new solution for the food manufacturing industry. This mobile lifter is designed to handle and empty 150 kg barrels. Big, heavy barrels are easily lifted, transported and tilted with no physical effort for the operator. It is so easy anyone can do it!

The stainless steel design makes this trolley ideal for use in sensitive environments like food production.

Read more about mobile lifters, or contact TAWI to learn more.

Lifting solution for big boxes

24 August 2017

Are you struggling with the manual handling of goods?

Whenever you need help lifting or handling goods, TAWI has a solution for you. With our lifters, anyone can lift safe and easy. Our vacuum lifters handle goods up to 270 kg, and our skilled engineers have long experience of developing customized solutions to meet your needs.

Here's an example where a customer needed to lift 20 kg boxes that cannot be gripped from the top. Solution - lift from the side. The lifter is easy to handle and anyone in the staff can now easily lift this big box onto a pallet. When lifting is easy, work is efficient and safe.

Contact us today, and we'll present you with a lifting solution for your needs.

Move free, quick and easy.

11 July 2017

Stay efficient longer with smart material handling solutions!

Here, the quick and user-friendly vacuum lifter VC50 is mounted in an articulated jib crane to provide optimal operational space. The operator easily picks up wooden sheets from a pallet and moves them over to the conveyor with minimal effort. The articulated jib arm gives him flexibility to move around as he controls the vacuum lifter with a simple one-hand grip.

Contact us to learn more about this and other efficient material handling solutions.

New interactive solution

29 June 2017

A wide selection of standard tools and accessories makes it possible to customize our new generation electrical lifters for various needs. At TAWI, we take customization very seriously. Our solutions should not only suit your business; they should move your business to the next level. That is why we also develop bespoke solutions, based on individual customer request.


The interactive control for various lifting heights seen on this model is one example of a bespoke solution designed by our skilled in-house engineers. This feature can be added to any Protema lifter, allowing the operator to easily program several lifting heights. Once the lifting heights have been programmed the operator can work efficiently with the lifter which will automatically stop at the pre-set height.

Is this not the solution for you? Tell us about your needs and we will be happy to develop a solution for your business. Contact us today and get your business moving!

Next generation ergonomic lifting trolleys

04 May 2017

Today we're launching a new series of electric lifting trolleys for ergonomic handling of reels, drums, boxes, crates and more. Their modular construction allows for easy adaptation to varying needs and applications. The trolleys, handling goods up to 250 kg, streamline the handling of e.g. reels and drums, saving both money and resources while contributing to a safe and ergonomic work environment.


Our electric lifting trolleys have helped create an efficient, ergonomic, and safe work environment in everything from food- to car manufacturing for decades. The new generation trolleys being launched today will contribute to further streamlining and improving ergonomics in industries worldwide. That's what we call smart lifting for efficient and ergonomic businesses!

The global hygiene and forest products company SCA is one of our many happy customers. Their production unit in Falkenberg, Sweden was among the first to try the new ergonomic lifting trolleys. You can read more about their experience here.

See the complete series of new electric lifting trolleys here.

Ergonomic tyre lifting

21 April 2017

Handling car tyres can be hard and uncomfortable work; strenuous for back, shoulders and knees. Handling tyres for trucks or other large vehicles is even heavier.

We have created a number of ergonomic solutions, relieving the strain of handling big and heavy tyres, making the work easy, effortless and safe. Our tools for normal car tyres and for big truck or tractor tyres make tyre handling more efficient, while saving workers from the strain of heavy manual handling.

No matter if you prefer to work with a vacuum lift or an electric lifting trolley, we have the tools for you. Read more about our solutions for tyre handling, or contact TAWI to learn more.

Efficient and ergonomic crate handling

07 April 2017

Crate handling should be effortless and easy. Knowing that every business has their individual needs, we have developed a number of different solutions for handling crates in an ergonomic and efficient manner. We have crate handling tools for our vacuum lifts, the ViperHoist wire hoist, and Protema electric lifting trolleys. All designed to make your crate handling easy and efficient.

With a forked tool mounted on VacuEasylift you can easily lift crates and move them from one place to another in an ergonomic manner. If you need to turn and tilt the crate, we add a couple of suction cups to help keep a steady grip on the container while contents are being emptied.

Our Protema trolleys offer a wide variety of solutions for crate handling. Regardless if you need to lift high, move fast, tilt to empty the contents, or something else; we have a solution for your crate handling.

Read more about our solutions for crate handling here.

Lifting industries world wide

28 March 2017

TAWI vacuum lifts are Swedish innovations, helping create a safe and ergonomic work environment and increase productivity in industries all over the world.

We know that effective ergonomic interventions can lower the physical demands of manual material handling, thereby lowering the incidence and severity of work related injuries. Fact is that improved ergonomics can help improve a company's productivity and product quality, as well as overall business competitiveness.

TAWI's versatile vacuum lifts lets you handle boxes, sacks, sheets, drums and much more in a simple and ergonomic manner. We offer flexible solutions, completely adapted to individual customer needs, securing ergonomic, efficient, and safe operations for every customer.

Read more and see our vacuum lifts in action here.

Smart lifting

21 March 2017

TAWI has been producing innovative lifting solutions for the food industry for many years. We understand the food industry, and we know how to lift smart. That is why we can provide optimal lifting solutions, securing safe, ergonomic and efficient lifting for food manufacturing facilities. With our thorough understanding of the food industry, and decades of experience of smart lifting, we can offer bespoke solutions for your every need.

Our ergonomic vacuum lifters can be equipped with tools for lifting sacks of different materials, frozen foods, or vacuum-packed goods, just to mention a few.
Protema electric trolleys are commonly used in the food industry and the Coregripper is one of our most popular tools, often used to lift and install reels in packaging machines.

Learn more about our solutions for the food industry here, or Contact us for more information.

New product launch

14 March 2017

Don't miss this exciting new product, launched at Interpack 2017!

There will be some very interesting news in TAWI's booth at Interpack this year. Come see us in Düsseldorf to learn more. You'll find us in hall 12/F07.

Interpack 2017, 4-10 May
Register here.

Lifting the food industry

06 March 2017

TAWI has been supplying lifting solutions for the food industry for many years, and we have a thorough understanding of the special demands in this industry.

We offer many flexible and ergonomical lifting solutions for safe and easy handling of boxes, sacks and other types of containers common in the food processing industry. We understand the high demands on hygiene in this industry and offer several stainless steel solutions suitable for clean and sterile environments. Read more about our solutions for the food industry here.

We are also very proud to offer suction cups approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A special manufactured suction head in high polished stainless steel without any screws between operator handle and suction head allows for easy cleaning. We can also supply a lift tube manufactured according to FDA specification, available for model VM120 and VM160. This tube has embadded spirals ensuring protection from dust and other partciles.

Contact us to learn more about our solutions for the food industry.

Great solutions for the wood processing industry

21 February 2017

At TAWI, our focus is not on products, but on providing solutions to your specific needs. Our devoted team of skilled design engineers work closely together with our experienced installation engineers to design and manufacture customised products that meet your specific requirements.

Here is one special solution that our engineers produced for a customer who needed to handle wooden planks up to 10 meters. A TAWIGrip is mounted on a  Lyftman steel crane system, installed on wooden beams with extensions and struts to reach the desired level of suspension for the crane system and the tool. The tool, combined with an electrical chain trolley, is equipped with four suction cups and a fully integrated handle. This allows the operator to easily transport the large planks to a saw machine, using the TAWIGrip tool. Easy, ergonomical, and efficient.

See the system in action here.

Speaking of wood, we have also developed some great solutions for lifting and tilting big wooden sheets, doors etc. With an extended, flexible handle, adapted to the size of the sheet, the operator can easily control the load from a comfortable and safe distance.

In this specific solution, the TAWIGrip is suspended in a Lyftman under-braced jib arm, allowing the operator to move their 80 kg wooden doors easily, even though the working area is small and ceiling height is low.

The door is gripped and picked up from a  vertical position and tilted 90 degrees into a horizontal position. It is rotated 90 degrees in the horisontal plane and then tilted to be placed in vertical position in the rack.

TAWIGrip vacuum gripper is an ergonomical solution for lifting, tilting and rotating sheet metal, glass and laminated panels. With a safe, two-handed release function, easy-to-use control board and a light weight design it makes heavy lifting easy.

Learn more about TAWIGrip solutions here.

SEB Private Equity new majority owner of TAWI

12 January 2017

SEB Private Equity is the new growth partner for TAWI

The investment fund SEB Private Equity Opportunity III has invested in TAWI Holding AB and is now the new majority shareholder. SEB PE invests behind TAWI's leading position in an attractive niche market within material handling and will continue to support TAWI on its impressive growth trajectory and further internationalize its operations.

"We are convinced that SEB PE, with its heritage from being a part of SEB, provide valuable knowledge and expertise in enabling companies to expand globally and build robust organisations with focus on long-term values. SEB PE as a new owner will inject new energy to TAWI's already strong organisation and unique culture", says Leif Emblad, previous owner and member of the board of directors.

"With its strong market position and unparalleled customization and solutions offering, TAWI is well positioned to further grow with new and existing customers and we strongly believe that SEB PE can offer the support needed to continue the company's growth story", says Magnus Ramström, Investment Director of SEB PE.

"I am very impressed with TAWI's organisation; innovative technical development combined with a clear sales focus and entrepreneurial culture. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with yet another astounding example of Swedish exporting industrial company that has established itself as a market leader within a global niche market", says Christer Nilsson, new Chairman of the board of TAWI Holding AB.

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Mobile and flexible lifting solution

03 January 2017

This solution consists of our versatile VacuEasylift vacuum lifter installed on a Lyftman underbraced jib crane with mobile bottom plate. A pump shelf for the vacuum pump has also been added to the column. The operators use this ergonomic system to lift various goods, such as boxes and batteries, from pallets.

A mobile unit like this one offers great flexibility and can easily be transported for use at different locations.

Click here for more information, images and videos about our Lyftman crane systems and jib cranes.