Efficient and ergonomic crate handling

07 April 2017

Crate handling should be effortless and easy. Knowing that every business has their individual needs, we have developed a number of different solutions for handling crates in an ergonomic and efficient manner. We have crate handling tools for our vacuum lifts, the ViperHoist wire hoist, and Protema electric lifting trolleys. All designed to make your crate handling easy and efficient.

With a forked tool mounted on VacuEasylift you can easily lift crates and move them from one place to another in an ergonomic manner. If you need to turn and tilt the crate, we add a couple of suction cups to help keep a steady grip on the container while contents are being emptied.

Our Protema trolleys offer a wide variety of solutions for crate handling. Regardless if you need to lift high, move fast, tilt to empty the contents, or something else; we have a solution for your crate handling.

Read more about our solutions for crate handling here.

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