22 December 2016

Safety - regular inspections

21 December 2016

Safety and ergonomics are in focus when we design our products. It's important to always follow the inspection instructions in our manuals. If any part of the lifting system show signs of wear or other damage it must be replaced immediately. The system must not be used before the damaged part is replaced. Always safety first!

In some countries the inspection is mandatory of the lifting equipment by a third party, after installation and then on a yearly basis. Check the regulations in your country.

View our various ergonomic lifting solutions.

Flexible and ergonomic lifting solutions

12 December 2016

With our flexible range of ergonomic lifting equipment, an optimal solution can always be found. We provide complete solutions including installation and service.

Do you have low built ceiling structure, small and narrow work area or need a mobile lifting solution that can be used at several work stations? We customize our products to meet your specific needs.


Safety and ergonomics are in focus when we design our solutions. TAWI lifting equipment is ergonomically designed to reduce the strain on backs, knees and shoulders and at the same time create a more safe and effective handling of goods. Read more about our range of vacuum lifters, electric lifters, crane systems and jib cranes as well as our hoist and vacuum gripper.

VacuEasylift multiple drums lifter

02 December 2016


With this special tool for handling multiple drums you can easily and ergonomically lift and transport several drums simultaneously. Drum lifting is a common application with our ergonomic equipment, click here to view other drum handling solutions.

VacuEasylift vacuum lifter makes lifting safe in all possible working conditions and with this manual lifting aid you can handle almost any type of load. We construct suction feet and tooling for lifting sacks, boxes, drums, panels, tyres and much more.

New TAWI product - the EasyGrip tool

23 November 2016

The new ergonomic EasyGrip tool can be used to grip and lift various goods in a wide range of sizes. The gripping tool is very flexible and can be installed on our ViperHoist wire hoist. The tool is fully mechanical and integrated with the hoist, simply use the controls on the handle to maneuver every movement such as up/down, grip and release the load.

EasyGrip is very easy to use; just lower the tool into position on the load and then when you start to move the tool upwards, it will clamp the load and lift it. View video.

ATEX-modified lifting solutions

11 November 2016

At TAWI we also supply ATEX-modified solutions. These systems are modified to meet ATEX regulations which are common in for example some pharmaceutical work areas. The ATEX regulations guarantee a very high level of protection in areas which develop an explosive environment continuously or temporarily.

All our VacuEasylift models can be modified to meet ATEX regulations. The complete unit is earthed and manufactured in stainless steel with several special solutions in order to comply with the ATEX regulations.

We also supple ATEX-modified Lyftman profiles and special Protema lifting trolleys for ATEX environments. View video.

Ergonomic handling of rims with ViperHoist wire hoist

04 November 2016

This ViperHoist wire hoist has been combined with a special gripping tool with three fingers for lifting rims. The tool is driven by compressed air and equipped with a plastic collar to ensure that the fingers find the right position on the rim.

The fingers grip in the centre core and the operator can then easily and safely lift the rims. With our lifting equipment the operator can handle these rims in an ergonomic way and avoid potentially harmful manual handling. View video.

Click here to read more about our various ergonomic lifting solutions for the automotive industry.

Safe and ergonomic lifting of glass and windows

27 October 2016

Lifting for example large glass sheets and windows is both easy and safe with our ergonomic lifting solutions.

With TAWIGrip vacuum gripper large glass sheets, plexiglas and windows can be handled in a ergonomic and safe way. The vacuum gripper is equipped with a safe two-handed release function and visual control of the vacuum level. This makes it an ideal choice for lifting windows and sheets of glass in for example the construction industry.

Our vacuum lifters, VacuEasylift and VacuCobra, can also be used to handle glass in various forms. The tool used for lifting the glass is adjusted depending on the structure of the surface as well as the size, shape and weight of the glass. Windshields, glass sheets and different kinds of ceiling windows are only a few examples of the sort of goods that you can handle with our ergonomic vacuum lifters.

Visit TAWI at K 2016, Hall 11 / Stand C09

18 October 2016

19-26 October in Düsseldorf.

Looking for an ergonomic lifting solution for your product? At TAWI we develop and manufacture complete ergonomic solutions for lighter and safer lifting.

Come by our stand and test lift various goods such as sacks, rubber bales, reels and boxes with our ergonomic lifting equipment.


VacuCobra ergonomic cheese lifter

14 October 2016

This VacuCobra vacuum lifter has a silicone suction foot and quick coupling suitable for the food industry with though sanitary requirements. The VacuCobra is installed on a Lyftman aluminium crane system and is used by a Swedish food company for handling 10 kg cheese blocks.


Before the investment the staff had complained about back and shoulder strains from heavy manual lifting. With our lifting equipment this potentially harmful manual handling can be avoided and an ergonomic way of lifting can be achieved. The company has also invested in two additional TAWI lifts to handle heavier cheese blocks weighing up to 25 kg.

Good ergonomics doesn't just reduce the number of health problems, it can also increase productivity and contribute to lower costs for the company. At TAWI ergonomics is in focus when we develop new solutions for our customers and we manufacture products specifically designed to reduce the strain on backs, knees and shoulders.

Read more about ergonomics at the Swedish Work Environment Authority website.

Ergonomic lifting and emptying of containers

07 October 2016

This Protema lifter has a special electric emptying tool used when emptying the contents of containers. By using this electric lifter large containers can easily be lifted and emptied without heavy manual handling for the operator. Click here to view video.

The Protema lifters are very versatile and makes lifting and transporting goods such as reels, drums and containers easier in all types of industries. With these lifters difficult and potentially harmful lifting can be avoided and an ergonomic method of handling goods can be achieved.

Customised ergonomic and mobile lifting solution with integrated safety features

26 September 2016

Customised lifting solution with VacuCobra vacuum lifter installed on a Lyftman articulated jib arm that has been mounted on a fork lifter. This special lifting solution is used by the operators to load and unload various goods from pallets. The fork lifter unit provides great mobility which makes it ideal when the operator needs to be able to move around on a larger area.

The height of the column is adjustable and the lifter has multiple integrated safety features, as demonstrated in the video below. The VacuCobra vacuum lifter is ergonomically designed for high speed lifting of goods up to 50 kg. The VacuCobra is mounted on a Lyftman articulated jib arm that offers great flexibility and free rotation of lightweight goods.

View video

Come by our stand 1-158 at FachPack

19 September 2016

Next week, 27-29 September, it's time for FachPack 2016 in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany. FachPack is the European trade fair for packaging, technology, processing and logistics.

Manual lifting of boxes and other packaged goods is common within e.g. logistics, distribution and packaging. This manual lifting is often high frequency with many lifts per day. In these situations, our VacuCobra vacuum lifter is often an optimal solution. VacuCobra is specifically designed to handle packaged goods up to 50 kg - quickly!

Click here for more information and to view a video of how VacuCobra is used to lift boxes at a distribution centre.

Repeated manual handling can cause injuries and other long term problems. With some ergonomic changes at the workplace the risk of injuries can be reduced and it can also increase productivity as well as contribute to lower costs for the company.

Our lifting equipment is ergonomically designed to reduce the strain on back, knees and shoulders and with TAWI products it's easy and safe to lift, move, tilt and rotate loads in all kinds of environments.

Come by our stand 1-158 and we will help you find an optimal lifting solution for your product.

Meet us at the Wood Products and Technology exhibition!

08 September 2016

Wooden sheets that are heavy and problematic to lift manually can be easily, safely and ergonomically handled with VacuEasylift vacuum lifter. Come by our stand and test by yourself.

There's only two days left of the exhibition. You find us at stand B00:04 at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress centre in Gothenburg. Welcome!

Welcome to our stand B00:04 at Wood Products and Technology 2016

01 September 2016

On Tuesday the doors are opened for this year's Wood Products and Technology exhibition at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress centre in Gothenburg.

Are you looking for an ergonomic lifting solution for your product? Come by our stand and test lift various goods with our ergonomic lifting equipment of vacuum lifters, hoists, lifting trolleys, crane system and vacuum gripper.

Get your free ticket here! 

Lifting unprocessed wood slabs with VacuEasylift

25 August 2016

This VacuEasylift VM300 has a yoke with 4 adjustable suction feet. By using the vacuum lifter long and thick unprocessed wooden slabs are lifted from a machine, rotated and then placed on pallets. The lift can handle weights up to 270 kg.

With VacuEasylift vacuum lifter large and heavy wood slabs can be handled in a safe, easy and ergonomic way.

VacuEasylift can be used to lift e.g. various sorts of sheets and panels. Click here to view a video of how VacuEasylift is used to handle large sheets in an area with very little operating space.

TAWI at FachPack 2016, Hall 1/1-158

19 August 2016

In a few weeks the packaging industry meets from 27-29 September in the exhibition centre Nuremberg, Germany.

At our stand 1-158 we will present a wide range of our ergonomic lifting equipment that can contribute to a more safe and effective handling of goods such as boxes, reels, crates, drums, sacks, containers and much more.

Visit our stand and test lift various sorts of goods with our complete ergonomic lifting systems consisting of:

- Lyftman crane systems and jib cranes
- VacuEasylift and VacuCobra vacuum lifters
- ViperHoist wire hoist
- TAWIGrip vacuum yoke
- Protema electric lifts

Come in and talk to our experienced personnel and we will help you find a complete solution to your specific lifting problem.


Happy summer from TAWI

15 July 2016

Maintenance is important!

14 July 2016

Before the summer vacation it can be a good idea to make a general examination of your lifting equipment.

Check all screws, bolts, pins and suspensions for damage/wear and re-tighten if necessary. If you have a vacuum lifter, check for mechanical wear on the lift and air tube.

If any part of the lifting system shows signs of wear or other damage, this must be repaired immediately. Always safety first!

Conatct us for more information.

VacuEayslift stone lifter

07 July 2016

Lifting stone blocks with vacuum is easy, ergonomic and safe. VacuEasylift is a thoroughly proven system that meets the highest standards of functionality and safety.

VacuEasylift is a manual vacuum lifter which handles almost all types of loads. When lifting stones, cement blocks and other materials with irregular surfaces, the rubber gasket compensates for any irregularities in the surface and achieves air tight environment. The suction foot holds the load securely in place. View video.

Lyftman telescopic lifting solution

30 June 2016

Lyftman floor mounted steel crane system combined with a telescopic separate girder installed under the steel girder.

One of the main benefits of using a telescopic design is that it offers limitless possibilities to reach areas that would otherwise not have been possible to reach due to various obstacles.

This is an optimal solution here because of the centered work area and the crane system had to be mounted outside the work space due to obstacles. Also the operator must be able to reach outside the work space on one side to lift the motor units from pallets in the centre and on to the track.

Click here for more information, images and video about Lyftman telescopic crane system.

We have solutions for all kinds of work areas, for example we have curved profiles that makes it possible to build around obstructions in the ceiling structure. Contact us for more information.

Protema lifting trolley with electrically tiltable arms

22 June 2016

Protema PRO200LESE with electrically tiltable arms. PRO200LESE is our largest Protema model equipped with EasySqueeze tool.

This special PRO200LESE is used for handling reels weighing up to 105 kg. The reels are lifted from a vertical position, tilted 90° into a horizontal position and then tilted back again to a vertical position. Watch video.

The swiveling arms can be adjusted for different reels, max reel size for free swivel is Ø390x630mm.

Another popular solution for reel handling is Protema with Coregripper tool that makes it possible to manually turn the reel from a vertical to a horizontal position or the other way around, without any effort. For more information about our different ergonomic solutions for reel handling, click here.

Ergonomic lifting of bundles of cardboard with ViperHoist wire hoist

17 June 2016

This special tool combined with ViperHoist is equipped with two hooks, one on each side, and is used for lifting large bundles of paper bags weighing up to 30 kg.

The hooks grab the straps on each side and the whole bundle can then easily be lifted and transported. This hoist is mounted on a Lyftman jib crane and used in a packaging area.

ViperHoist is available in two models; ViperHoist60 for quick lifting up to 60 kg and ViperHoist120 for heavier lifting up to 120 kg. ViperHoist is one of the world's fastest hoists and with variable speed control you can choose at any point how fast or slow you need to move. More information is available here.

Various ergonomic solutions for handling boxes with vacuum

10 June 2016

With our ergonomic vacuum lifters, VacuEasylift and VacuCobra, boxes of various sizes and shapes can be easily handled. Lift and transport large boxes, open boxes, several boxes at the same time or lift boxes from the side without heavy manual handling.

With VacuEasylift you can lift boxes, sacks, drums, sheets and much more. VacuEasylift makes lifting easy and safe in all possible working conditions.

The VacuCobra is ergonomically designed for high speed lifting of boxed goods up to 50 kg. Do you need to lift and unload quickly? Then VacuCobra vacuum lift is the optimal solution.

Systembolaget, a well-known Swedish retailer of alcoholic beverages, use our vacuum lifters for ergonomic box handling in over 400 locations. Click here to read more.

Ergonomic sack handling with VacuEasylift vacuum lifter

02 June 2016

Lifting sacks is a very common part of many manufacturing processes, for example within the food and beverage industry and the plastic industry. Lifting sacks manually can be extremely heavy and our VacuEasylift sack lifter is very often used to avoid this type of strenuous manual work.

With TAWI VacuEasylift sack lifter the operator can easily and ergonomically lift, transport, position and empty the content of the sack.

We have suction feet designed to handle all types of sacks. All VacuEasylift models can also be delivered in stainless steel, a configuration that is often required in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Video and more information are available here.

TAWIGrip with electrical coregripper tool for lifting reels

25 May 2016

This electrical TAWIGrip is installed on a hoist. The tool is equipped with an electric coregripper and electric turn. This application is used for lifting heavy reels and has a max capacity of 220 kg.

The reels are lifted from a horizontal position, turned to a vertical position and then placed on pallets. View video.

The controls on the handles are ergonomically designed and fully integrated with the hoist. The operator can simply use the controls to maneuver every movement.

The coregripper tool is also a popular solution with our Protema electric lifts, click here for more information.

Protema PRO200ESE with v-legs and a scale unit for lifting reels

20 May 2016

This Protema lifter is a special PRO200 EasySqueeze with v-shaped legs and equipped with standard fixed arms and a scale unit including a scale indicator and a scale printer.

This trolley is used to lift and weigh reels up to 120 kg.

The v-shaped legs are designed to perfectly fit the pallets from the sides and lift reels placed in the center of the pallets. The reels can be rotated 90° and the rotation can be stopped anywhere between the end positions.

Click here for more information about our various ergonomic solutions for lifting reels.

Visit TAWI at Elmia Automation May 10th-13th

10 May 2016

Welcome to visit TAWI at stand D06:55

In our stand you will find various products displayed such as Lyftman jib crane, VacuCobra vacuum lifter, ViperHoist wire hoist and Protema electric lifts

TAWI offers complete ergonomic solutions for lighter and safer lifting. Our products are succesfully used in many different industries such as the automotive industry, food and beverage industry, logisticts and distribution centres and many more.  

Crates, boxes, sacks and reels are a few examples of good that you can test lift with our ergonomic lifting equipment at our stand. Our technical sales guys will be there to answer any questions and provide further information and advice. 

Click here for more information about the exhibition.

VacuEasylift ergonomic tyre lifter

28 April 2016

This VacuEasylift vacuum lifter has a special tool designed for lifting and handling rubber tyres.


The suction foot is equipped with a special synchronized double hook tool. When the operator adjusts one hook on the tool the other hook follows in sync. This assures that the vacuum lifter is always positioned in the centre.

To watch video, click here.

Lifting and tilting door panels with VacuEasylift vacuum lifter

21 April 2016

This model is a VacuEasylift VM180 with a door turner tool for lifting and tilting panels 90°.

The heavy door panels are easily lifted with VacuEasylift equipped with two adjustable suction feet. The panels are lifted from pallets, tilted 90° and then placed on a bench. This application can handle weights up to 80 kg.

Read more about our solutions for handling doors by clicking here.
Boxes, sacks, bales and drums are only some of the applications that can be easily and safely handled with VacuEayslift vacuum lifter. Click here for more information about our various lifting solutions with VacuEasylift.

ViperHoist wire hoist jute sack lifter

14 April 2016

This ViperHoist120 with special twin hook tool is suitable for lifting jute sacks. Jute sacks are very common in for example coffee/tea manufacturing and the sacks cannot for natural reasons be lifted with standard vacuum lifting techniques.

When the wheels reach the sack the tool moves forward, thus revealing the hooks which are used to grip into the fabric of the jute sack. The ergonomic handle ensures safe, easy and smooth operation.

More information about ViperHoist wire hoist is available here. You can also click here to read more about our various sack lifting solutions.

Special Lyftman steel crane system with wall mounted gallows

08 April 2016

The cranes are attached to wall mounted gallows and two portals at each end of the system.

This system makes it possible for trucks to drive under the crane system to leave and pick up goods without colliding with columns. An optimal solution when the customer needs to transport and move pallets of goods under the crane system.

Click here for images, videos and more information about our various lifting solutions with Lyftman crane systems.

Visit TAWI at Food Chain Nordic 2016

31 March 2016

6-7 April at MalmöMässan, Stand F09.

In our stand F09 we will display Lyftman jib crane, VacuCobra vacuum lifter, ViperHoist wire hoist and Protema electric lifts.

TAWI offers lifting solutions in stainless steel that meet the tough sanitary requirements within for example food processing. Our CR80 Protema electric lift in stainless steel is IP65 certified with a design that tolerates high pressure cleaning and the use of alkali solvents.

Boxes, sacks, drums and reels are some examples of goods that you can test lift with our ergonomic lifting equipment. Welcome!

Click on the image below for registration of free admission voucher.


A wide range of ergonomic solutions for handling crates

15 March 2016

Lift, turn, rotate and empty the content of the crates or lift several plastic crates at once without heavy manual handling. TAWI offers a wide range of solutions for handling crates with vacuum, electric lifts and hoist.


Over the years we have designed many different tools to meet the demands of various industries and environments such as the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the automotive industry. We also have solutions for cleanroom environments with strict sanitary requirements.

Click here for more information, photos and videos of our various ergonomic solutions for handling crates.