22 December 2016

Safety - regular inspections

21 December 2016

Safety and ergonomics are in focus when we design our products. It's important to always follow the inspection instructions in our manuals. If any part of the lifting system show signs of wear or other damage it must be replaced immediately. The system must not be used before the damaged part is replaced. Always safety first!

In some countries the inspection is mandatory of the lifting equipment by a third party, after installation and then on a yearly basis. Check the regulations in your country.

View our various ergonomic lifting solutions.

Flexible and ergonomic lifting solutions

12 December 2016

With our flexible range of ergonomic lifting equipment, an optimal solution can always be found. We provide complete solutions including installation and service.

Do you have low built ceiling structure, small and narrow work area or need a mobile lifting solution that can be used at several work stations? We customize our products to meet your specific needs.


Safety and ergonomics are in focus when we design our solutions. TAWI lifting equipment is ergonomically designed to reduce the strain on backs, knees and shoulders and at the same time create a more safe and effective handling of goods. Read more about our range of vacuum lifters, electric lifters, crane systems and jib cranes as well as our hoist and vacuum gripper.

VacuEasylift multiple drums lifter

02 December 2016


With this special tool for handling multiple drums you can easily and ergonomically lift and transport several drums simultaneously. Drum lifting is a common application with our ergonomic equipment, click here to view other drum handling solutions.

VacuEasylift vacuum lifter makes lifting safe in all possible working conditions and with this manual lifting aid you can handle almost any type of load. We construct suction feet and tooling for lifting sacks, boxes, drums, panels, tyres and much more.