Lyftman telescopic lifting solution

30 June 2016

Lyftman floor mounted steel crane system combined with a telescopic separate girder installed under the steel girder.

One of the main benefits of using a telescopic design is that it offers limitless possibilities to reach areas that would otherwise not have been possible to reach due to various obstacles.

This is an optimal solution here because of the centered work area and the crane system had to be mounted outside the work space due to obstacles. Also the operator must be able to reach outside the work space on one side to lift the motor units from pallets in the centre and on to the track.

Click here for more information, images and video about Lyftman telescopic crane system.

We have solutions for all kinds of work areas, for example we have curved profiles that makes it possible to build around obstructions in the ceiling structure. Contact us for more information.

Protema lifting trolley with electrically tiltable arms

22 June 2016

Protema PRO200LESE with electrically tiltable arms. PRO200LESE is our largest Protema model equipped with EasySqueeze tool.

This special PRO200LESE is used for handling reels weighing up to 105 kg. The reels are lifted from a vertical position, tilted 90° into a horizontal position and then tilted back again to a vertical position. Watch video.

The swiveling arms can be adjusted for different reels, max reel size for free swivel is Ø390x630mm.

Another popular solution for reel handling is Protema with Coregripper tool that makes it possible to manually turn the reel from a vertical to a horizontal position or the other way around, without any effort. For more information about our different ergonomic solutions for reel handling, click here.

Ergonomic lifting of bundles of cardboard with ViperHoist wire hoist

17 June 2016

This special tool combined with ViperHoist is equipped with two hooks, one on each side, and is used for lifting large bundles of paper bags weighing up to 30 kg.

The hooks grab the straps on each side and the whole bundle can then easily be lifted and transported. This hoist is mounted on a Lyftman jib crane and used in a packaging area.

ViperHoist is available in two models; ViperHoist60 for quick lifting up to 60 kg and ViperHoist120 for heavier lifting up to 120 kg. ViperHoist is one of the world's fastest hoists and with variable speed control you can choose at any point how fast or slow you need to move. More information is available here.

Various ergonomic solutions for handling boxes with vacuum

10 June 2016

With our ergonomic vacuum lifters, VacuEasylift and VacuCobra, boxes of various sizes and shapes can be easily handled. Lift and transport large boxes, open boxes, several boxes at the same time or lift boxes from the side without heavy manual handling.

With VacuEasylift you can lift boxes, sacks, drums, sheets and much more. VacuEasylift makes lifting easy and safe in all possible working conditions.

The VacuCobra is ergonomically designed for high speed lifting of boxed goods up to 50 kg. Do you need to lift and unload quickly? Then VacuCobra vacuum lift is the optimal solution.

Systembolaget, a well-known Swedish retailer of alcoholic beverages, use our vacuum lifters for ergonomic box handling in over 400 locations. Click here to read more.

Ergonomic sack handling with VacuEasylift vacuum lifter

02 June 2016

Lifting sacks is a very common part of many manufacturing processes, for example within the food and beverage industry and the plastic industry. Lifting sacks manually can be extremely heavy and our VacuEasylift sack lifter is very often used to avoid this type of strenuous manual work.

With TAWI VacuEasylift sack lifter the operator can easily and ergonomically lift, transport, position and empty the content of the sack.

We have suction feet designed to handle all types of sacks. All VacuEasylift models can also be delivered in stainless steel, a configuration that is often required in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Video and more information are available here.