Electric drum lifter

01 September 2017

Here's a great new solution for the food manufacturing industry. This mobile lifter is designed to handle and empty 150 kg barrels. Big, heavy barrels are easily lifted, transported and tilted with no physical effort for the operator. It is so easy anyone can do it!

The stainless steel design makes this trolley ideal for use in sensitive environments like food production.

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Lifting solution for big boxes

24 August 2017

Are you struggling with the manual handling of goods?

Whenever you need help lifting or handling goods, TAWI has a solution for you. With our lifters, anyone can lift safe and easy. Our vacuum lifters handle goods up to 270 kg, and our skilled engineers have long experience of developing customized solutions to meet your needs.

Here's an example where a customer needed to lift 20 kg boxes that cannot be gripped from the top. Solution - lift from the side. The lifter is easy to handle and anyone in the staff can now easily lift this big box onto a pallet. When lifting is easy, work is efficient and safe.

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Move free, quick and easy.

11 July 2017

Stay efficient longer with smart material handling solutions!

Here, the quick and user-friendly vacuum lifter VC50 is mounted in an articulated jib crane to provide optimal operational space. The operator easily picks up wooden sheets from a pallet and moves them over to the conveyor with minimal effort. The articulated jib arm gives him flexibility to move around as he controls the vacuum lifter with a simple one-hand grip.

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