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11 July 2017

Stay efficient longer with smart material handling solutions!

Here, the quick and user-friendly vacuum lifter VC50 is mounted in an articulated jib crane to provide optimal operational space. The operator easily picks up wooden sheets from a pallet and moves them over to the conveyor with minimal effort. The articulated jib arm gives him flexibility to move around as he controls the vacuum lifter with a simple one-hand grip.

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New interactive solution

29 June 2017

A wide selection of standard tools and accessories makes it possible to customize our new generation electrical lifters for various needs. At TAWI, we take customization very seriously. Our solutions should not only suit your business; they should move your business to the next level. That is why we also develop bespoke solutions, based on individual customer request.


The interactive control for various lifting heights seen on this model is one example of a bespoke solution designed by our skilled in-house engineers. This feature can be added to any Protema lifter, allowing the operator to easily program several lifting heights. Once the lifting heights have been programmed the operator can work efficiently with the lifter which will automatically stop at the pre-set height.

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Next generation ergonomic lifting trolleys

04 May 2017

Today we're launching a new series of electric lifting trolleys for ergonomic handling of reels, drums, boxes, crates and more. Their modular construction allows for easy adaptation to varying needs and applications. The trolleys, handling goods up to 250 kg, streamline the handling of e.g. reels and drums, saving both money and resources while contributing to a safe and ergonomic work environment.


Our electric lifting trolleys have helped create an efficient, ergonomic, and safe work environment in everything from food- to car manufacturing for decades. The new generation trolleys being launched today will contribute to further streamlining and improving ergonomics in industries worldwide. That's what we call smart lifting for efficient and ergonomic businesses!

The global hygiene and forest products company SCA is one of our many happy customers. Their production unit in Falkenberg, Sweden was among the first to try the new ergonomic lifting trolleys. You can read more about their experience here.

See the complete series of new electric lifting trolleys here.