Lift and tilt sheets with precision

05 January 2018

Need to lift and tilt sheets? A vacuum gripper securely grips all types of sheets and allows you to control the load with optimal precision. Streamline manual handling, using a vacuum gripper to safely grip, lift and tilt sheets.

Lifting windows

Lifting made easy

Sheets of wood, glass, metal or plastic are lifted with minimal effort. Thanks to its innovative design, TAWI vacuum gripper can grip and lift sheets of all materials, up to 500 kg. The ergonomic handle is easy to use and gives the operator full control of the load, ensuring efficient handling of big panels and sheets. The handle ensures an ergonomic working position and helps avoid straining or injury caused by heavy lifting.

Lifting sheets of metal

Lifting with precision

Increase efficiency in your operations by using the vaccum gripper to lift, tilt and rotate all types of sheets and panels. The tool is easy to integrate into daily work and will streamline manual handling of sheets and panels by making them easy to lift, for everyone. Grip sheets with the tool, lift, tilt and turn them to the exact position where you need them. TAWI vacuum gripper allows you to tilt sheets up to 180 degrees, with minimal effort and maximal precision. 

Vacuum gripper for windows and glass sheets

Flexible and user friendly

A user-friendly control board and ergonomic handle makes the vacuum gripper easy and comfortable to use. There is no need to be big and strong, everyone can learn to use the TAWI vacuum gripper. The two handed release function ensures optimal safety and secure lifting of fragile materials such as glass sheets and windows. Our vacuum gripper is used in many industries worldwide, often to lift big sheets of metal, windows, doors or wooden sheets. With the vacuum gripper, one person can lift goods that used to require two strong men. Many users also appreciate how easy it is to lift and tilt sheets to a vertical position.

Interested to learn how a vacuum gripper could improve efficiency in your business? Contact us today for a consultation.

Vacuum lifters ensure efficient operations

04 December 2017

Vacuum lifters contribute to efficient and safe handling of goods in all types of industries. Whenever manual handling of goods is needed, a vacuum lifter can minimize the physical strain and increase efficiency. Vacuum lifters are easy to use and make lifting so easy that anyone can do it. When anyone can handle the heavy lifting, the workforce becomes more flexible unnecessary downtime is avoided.

vacuum box lifter

Flexible vacuum lifters

TAWI vacuum lifters handle all types of goods, including boxes, bags, drums, sheets and more. Our most flexible model, TAWI VacuEasylift, can handle goods up to 270 kg. It can lift boxes of all sizes, regardless if they are sealed or open. Paper sacks, plastic bags, or even jute sacks are lifted with ease. Drums and other containers are lifted one at the time, or several at the same time. TAWI VacuEasylift is a truly flexible tool that can lift pretty much anything. The load can be picked up from the top or from the side. You can rotate or even tilt the load to place it exactly where you need it.
Lifting open boxes

Efficient high speed lifting

TAWI VacuCobra is an optimal tool for high speed lifting. Pick up boxes or other loads easily with just one hand and put them down where you need them just as easily. This small and speedy vacuum lifter handles goods up to 50 kg. The single-handed control makes lifting easy and efficient.

TAWI VacuCobra

Lifting with specific requirements

All TAWI vacuum lifters are available in stainless steel, ideal for sensitive environments in e.g. food or chemical industry. Other specific requirements such as ATEX can be accommodated. A wide selection of suction feet allows you to adapt the vacuum lifter to your specific needs. Regardless if you need to lift big boxes, ungainly bags, heavy drums or fragile glass sheets, TAWI vacuum lifters is the solution you need. Contact us today to learn more.

Efficient lifting systems

Overhead crane systems and jib arms

TAWI also supplies the crane system you need to install your vacuum lifters. We manufacture and sell a wide selection of overhead crane systems and jib cranes. Learn more about our crane systems.

Roll handling equipment for efficient operations

20 November 2017

With efficient roll handling equipment, film rolls are easily mounted in the packing machine. TAWI offers several innovative solutions for efficient roll handling.

Efficient roll handling

Electric lifting trolleys for efficient roll handling

Our series of electric lifting trolleys can be combined with various tools for efficient roll handling. A Coregripper tool picks up the roll from a vertical position and turns it to horizontal position so that you can easily mount it on a machine axis. The roller boom seen in these photos also offer easy and ergonomic roll handling. Combined with the innovative QuickLoad feature, the lifter will automatically stop at exactly the right position, allowing the user to easily push the roll over on the machine axis. That's what we call smart lifting.

Efficient roll handling equipment

Roll handling with special restrictions

Ensure efficient roll handling in sensitive environments with our stainless steel lifters. All TAWI electric lifters are available in stainless steel, ideal for food- and pharma industry. 
All our lifters and tools can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to learn more about our customized solutions.

TAWI electric lifting trolleys can be used to handle much more than rolls. We offer tools for efficient handling of drums, crates and more. Learn more about the lifters here.

Roll handling

Ergonomic lifting equipment

The lifting trolleys are equipped with ergonomic handles ensuring a good working position. The tools are designed to support safe and ergonomic work, and to streamline the manual handling of goods. TAWI also offers vacuum lifters, hoists, and other ergonomic solutions for efficient and safe handling of goods. Read more about all our lifting equipment here