VacuEasylift multiple drums lifter

02 December 2016


With this special tool for handling multiple drums you can easily and ergonomically lift and transport several drums simultaneously. Drum lifting is a common application with our ergonomic equipment, click here to view other drum handling solutions.

VacuEasylift vacuum lifter makes lifting safe in all possible working conditions and with this manual lifting aid you can handle almost any type of load. We construct suction feet and tooling for lifting sacks, boxes, drums, panels, tyres and much more.

New TAWI product - the EasyGrip tool

23 November 2016

The new ergonomic EasyGrip tool can be used to grip and lift various goods in a wide range of sizes. The gripping tool is very flexible and can be installed on our ViperHoist wire hoist. The tool is fully mechanical and integrated with the hoist, simply use the controls on the handle to maneuver every movement such as up/down, grip and release the load.

EasyGrip is very easy to use; just lower the tool into position on the load and then when you start to move the tool upwards, it will clamp the load and lift it. View video.

ATEX-modified lifting solutions

11 November 2016

At TAWI we also supply ATEX-modified solutions. These systems are modified to meet ATEX regulations which are common in for example some pharmaceutical work areas. The ATEX regulations guarantee a very high level of protection in areas which develop an explosive environment continuously or temporarily.

All our VacuEasylift models can be modified to meet ATEX regulations. The complete unit is earthed and manufactured in stainless steel with several special solutions in order to comply with the ATEX regulations.

We also supple ATEX-modified Lyftman profiles and special Protema lifting trolleys for ATEX environments. View video.