Roll handling equipment for efficient operations

20 November 2017

With efficient roll handling equipment, film rolls are easily mounted in the packing machine. TAWI offers several innovative solutions for efficient roll handling.

Efficient roll handling

Electric lifting trolleys for efficient roll handling

Our series of electric lifting trolleys can be combined with various tools for efficient roll handling. A Coregripper tool picks up the roll from a vertical position and turns it to horizontal position so that you can easily mount it on a machine axis. The roller boom seen in these photos also offer easy and ergonomic roll handling. Combined with the innovative QuickLoad feature, the lifter will automatically stop at exactly the right position, allowing the user to easily push the roll over on the machine axis. That's what we call smart lifting.

Efficient roll handling equipment

Roll handling with special restrictions

Ensure efficient roll handling in sensitive environments with our stainless steel lifters. All TAWI electric lifters are available in stainless steel, ideal for food- and pharma industry. 
All our lifters and tools can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to learn more about our customized solutions.

TAWI electric lifting trolleys can be used to handle much more than rolls. We offer tools for efficient handling of drums, crates and more. Learn more about the lifters here.

Roll handling

Ergonomic lifting equipment

The lifting trolleys are equipped with ergonomic handles ensuring a good working position. The tools are designed to support safe and ergonomic work, and to streamline the manual handling of goods. TAWI also offers vacuum lifters, hoists, and other ergonomic solutions for efficient and safe handling of goods. Read more about all our lifting equipment here

Vacuum lifter for efficient drum handling

16 November 2017

TAWI vacuum lifter lets you handle barrels, drums and other heavy loads with minimal effort. Efficient lifting solutions makes lifting easy, for anyone. By giving everyone the power to handle heavy loads, you increase flexibility and productivity in your business. Our vacuum lifters makes lifting safe, easy and efficient.
Drum lifter

Efficient drum handling

This vacuum lifter handles loads up to 270 kg and is easy to use, letting you lift and move barrels and drums safely with minimal effort. The vacuum lifter is a reliable tool for handling all types of goods. TAWI offers vacuum lifters for lifting boxes, bags, rolls, sheets and much more. Read more about our lifting solutions here.

Efficient drum handling

Lifting solutions

TAWI offers lifting solutions for various industries. We make lifting easy in chemical industry, in mechanical manufacturing industries and in food production, just to mention a few. Our wide selection of lifting solutions that can be customized to meet your needs make lifting safe, efficient and easy. Contact us to learn more about our lifting solutions.