Lyftman telescopic crane system

19 November 2015

Workplaces with limited operational space and low headroom are no problem for TAWI lifting equipment. For example, Lyftman crane system combined with a telescopic girder can provide an optimal solution.

In the project presented on the image below, there was a need to be able to reach and pick up goods inside pallet racks on both sides of the aisle. A telescopic design offer limitless possibilities to reach areas that would otherwise not have been possible to reach due to various obstacles.

The telescopic girder was installed under the steel girder. The system was also equipped with a lock function, making the two beams centred in the middle, thus allowing the girder to move along the aisle without colliding with the pallet racks.

View video and read more about Lyftman telescopic crane system by clicking here. Another solution for areas with low headroom is Lyftman low built system, you can find more information about all Lyftman crane systems here.

In the project above, the telescopic crane system was combined with a hoist. Our latest product edition, ViperHoist wire hoist, offers good ergonomics as well as fast, safe and flexible operation. The ViperHoist can be equipped with a quick coupling which enables great flexibility and the use of any tool on the same hoist. Click here to read more!

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