Lift, transport, tilt and empty crates with Protema electric trolley

26 November 2015

New ergonomic solution! Protema lifting trolley with electrical tiltable arms for crates.

This Protema PRO120L is equipped with EasySqueeze and 120 degrees electrical titlable arms for crates. The lifting trolley is designed to lift crates without upper edge. The fact that the crate does not have an upper edge makes it difficult to use a standard fork tool to lift and rotate the crate. Instead, the crate is safely lifted with two electrically tiltable arms that squeeze the crate from both sides.

With this electric trolley crates of various sizes can easily be lifted, transported, tilted and emptied without heavy manual handling for the operator. The trolley in this project can lift crates weighing up to 40 kg.

Click here to view video and more information about our different solutions for lifting crates.

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